DISNEY FIGURES - The Culture Without Barriers Foundation

The aim of the project carried out in cooperation with The Culture Without Barriers Foundation was to print Disney figures. The figures are a type of help for children with eye disease. Through touch, people with disabilities have the opportunity to "see" the characters they listened to in the auto-description film. The figures were used during film screenings and meetings with children, incl. in Kinoteka PKiN.

The models were printed with the FDM / LPD method. The relevant parts were glued, then the models were chemically smoothed, sanded and mechanically smoothed. Blind people were asked to test the paints, what texture of the paint to choose for painting, whether smooth or rough. Finally, the figures were painted gray with a slightly rough paint.

For each of the figures, wooden bases were prepared with grooves for plates with the name of the figure in Braille, thanks to which the blind could read the name of the figure.

The height of the printed figures ranged from 40 to 70 cm.

Examples of characters:

  • Elsa - 262 hours of printing; 2.5 kg of material;
  • Flash - 166 hours; 1.7 kg of material;
  • Vaiana - 96.5 hours of printing; 1 kg of material;
  • Olaf - 37 hours of printing; 0.5 kg of material.
  • Year of the project: 2019
  • Project: Disney Polska
  • Realization: WOLF 3D
  • Photo: WOLF STUDIO