At WOLF 3D, we make products on request of the customer in any scale and finish. Each time they attract attention and evoke different emotions. The largest production performed by WOLF 3D so far is a figure 7 m wide and weighing 1000 kg. We make models on the basis of electronic 3D documentation provided by the client, in accordance with the needs reported by the client and the material processing capabilities. We also offer the development of our own concept. Creating a figure is a combination of several processes - modeling, preparation of executive files for printing, development of a metal support frame structure, printing of components, welding the frame and anti-corrosion protection, gluing printouts and smoothing joints, primer painting, and finally artistic painting.


Since ancient times, people have wanted to create beautiful objects which they then place in their surroundings. Just like ancient people, we also want to create an environment filled with aesthetic objects. Wolf can help you with this as well.

Seeing the great potential in the present world of furniture and applied arts, following the spirit of the times, WOLF 3D develops and constantly creates new projects. At WOLF 3D, we are able to produce objects of everyday use, made in small personalized scale or industrially on a large scale. Each manufactured piece of furniture, table, chair or lamp has its own unique character. Our designers, at the customer's request, are able to design and develop the concept of the object along with its visualization. We are also able to prepare ready-made 3D projects received from the client for printing.


Works of art and museum exhibits require special delicacy. Properly stored and secured, they are not always available, even to historians. What's more, over time, their resistance weakens and any attempt to inventory or examine more closely carries the risk of damage or destruction. WOLF 3D has a dedicated offer for Museums, which includes comprehensive services of both digitization and making replicas of exhibits through 3D printing. We are able to reflect each work of art by creating a 1: 1 replica of a given exhibit or a miniature of a great monument. We have several projects behind us with various Museums, incl. making mock-ups for the blind.


Visual identification is a way of presenting and creating a company's brand image on the market. Thanks to the series of products and related activities, the brand becomes visible and evokes specific and expected associations among recipients. WOLF 3D means not only cooperation with marketing agencies, but also with end customers. We get an initial concept of the appearance of such a gadget or a general concept on the basis of which we prepare several versions of the product. The design chosen by the customer is implemented as a physical product. We do not limit ourselves to gadgets such as key rings, figurines on the desk or statuettes, we make advertising signs, interactive panels, including tablets and other electronics or large figures falling into the category of large format printing. We are open to any crazy idea.


Personalized production is one of the forms of cooperation with the client. It consists in giving the customer the possibility of influencing the final product by choosing different components. Projects in this area are implemented for industry, art and ordinary users. We often make prototypes and use them to scale the order. The creation process includes many different technologies from 3D printing, milling, thermoforming to Post-processing. When creating a prototype, we analyze individual production stages and develop the most optimal production process.